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11th World Congress on Precision and Personalized Medicine, will be organized around the theme “Therapeutic approaches and New diagnostic technologies to Personalized Medicine ”

Personalized Medicine Congress 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Personalized Medicine Congress 2019

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The concept of precision medicine, in which health care is individually customized on the basis of a person's genes, lifestyle and environment. Transfusion patients have been matched with donors according to blood type for more than a century. But advances in genetics, and the growing availability of health data, present an opportunity to make precise personalized patient care a clinical reality.


  • Track 1-1Precision Medicine Initiative
  • Track 1-2Advancing Precision Medicine
  • Track 1-3Human genome
  • Track 1-4Pioneering pharmacogenetics

Precision medicine aims to provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time with treatment directed on the basis of the targetable tumoral aberrations rather than just a traditional histologic subtype. However to facilitate this approach, clinicians require patient derived samples. Prostate cancer is challenging to culture in vitro. Recent development of novel organoid in vitro culture technology has led to the development of multiple new in vitro prostate cancer cell line models. We aim to apply organoid culture technology to develop novel in vitro prostate cancer cell line models and propagate patient derived samples to allow drug testing and next generation sequencing as part of a precision medicine approach to early recurrent prostate cancer.


  • Track 2-1Invitro Organoid Technology
  • Track 2-2Digital Health
  • Track 2-3Single-Cell DNA Analysis
  • Track 2-4Progress and Challenges in Precision Medicine

Personalized Medicine Meeting  is to develop routine of medication that uses an individual's hereditary profile to guide choices made with respect to the counteractive action, determination, and treatment of ailment. Information of a patient's hereditary profile can offer specialists some assistance with selecting the best possible prescription or treatment and manage it utilizing the correct measurement or regimen. Utilized for the treatment as Personalized growth solution, Diabetes-related sickness: hazard appraisal and administration, Personalized pharmaceutical: New procedures and monetary ramifications, Implications of customized prescription in treatment of HIV, Applications of customized drug in uncommon illnesses, Translational Medicine.


  • Track 3-1Applications in treating rare diseases
  • Track 3-2New born screening & prenatal testing
  • Track 3-3Development of personalized genetic medicine
  • Track 3-4Implications of personalized medicine in treatment of HIV


<p style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;\"="">\r\n Personalised medicine turns this approach on its head. It recognizes that complex diseases should no longer be considered as a single entity. One disease may have many different forms, or ‘subtypes’, resulting from the complex interaction of our biological make-up and the diverse pathological and physiological processes in our bodies. These will not only vary between patients who have the same disease but also within an individual patient as they get older and their body changes. As we integrate and analyses genomic and other data, we can find common factors and causes of variation, resulting in the discovery of new pathways of disease, changing how diseases are thought of and treated. It enables us to recognize that the same underlying change in our DNA or genome can lead to problems in very different parts of the body, which would not have been previously identified with a more traditional care approach.


  • Track 4-1Scope of Personalized Medicine in Present day Medicine
  • Track 4-2Key Players in the Development of Personalized Medicine
  • Track 4-3A new targeted treatment approach
  • Track 4-4Prediction and prevention of disease